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Solution to Prevent Rusting against Mold Parts

1. Decompose the gas generated 

Some mold parts produce volatile gases, most of which are corrosive with certain impact on parts such as erosion or rusting; therefore, after processing, do shut down the production equipment to decompose or exhaust gases immediately, and coat with rust inhibitor;  

2. Wipe away the cooling water 

The professional processing enterprise will appoint a worker to wipe away cooling water; due to high temperature in production of the parts, it is necessary to provide cooling water to cool down the parts instantly; however, the steam is produced when cooling down, resulted in oxidization and rusting after a long soaking in steam; therefore, it is also a method to wipe off cooling water or excessive water rapidly; 

3. Eliminate the carbides

3. Eliminate the carbides

The above solutions are used to prevent rusting of parts in processing; for processing, the rusting and corrosion shall be prevented not only during production, but also during transportation and marketing; therefore, the finished mold parts shall be wrapped with plastic film to isolate from air and prevent damage and corrosion.  


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